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Past Auctions

Large Fastener Manufacturer Including National Cold Headers and Bolt Makers to 1”, Large Capacity Wire Drawers, Thread Rollers, Air Compressors, Toolroom, Inspection and Support Equipment
Late Model Commercial Laundry Facility Including Lavatec Tunnel Washer & Drying System (Upgraded in 2020), 2015 Braun Washer & Dryer, (2) Chicago Ironing & Folding Lines (New as 2018), Chicago Blanket & Small Piece Folders, Boiler Room & Support Equipment.
Surplus Assets From Machining Facility Featuring Large Capacity, Well Maintained Machining Centers – (2) SHW Horizontals, (2) Mazak Horizontals & (6) Mazak Verticals – Short Sale, Bid Promptly.
Late Model Material Handling, Personnel Carts and Support Equipment, Combilifts, Telehandler, Toyota and Nissan Forklifts, Never Used Atlas Nitrogen Generators, Golf Carts, Maintenance Carts, Scrubber, Sweepers, Manlifts, Dust Collectors, Air Compressors and Misc. Machinery – Most Equipment 2016 and Newer.
By Order Of Secured Creditor – Former Assets Of Robotic Tire Company Featuring Doosan CNC Machining Centers As New As 2022, (10+) Robots By Kawasaki & Mitsubishi – Some New In Crate, Hunter Balancers & Tire Changers, Diagnostic Inventory, Toolroom Machinery & Support Assets
Family Owned & Operated Machine Shop – Very Clean Facility – Featuring CNC Machines by Mazak, Toolroom Machinery, Fabrication Equipment, Saws, Grinders, EDM’s, Inspection & Support Equipment.
Plastic Recycling Center Including Extruders, Shredders, Granulators, Pelletizing, Densifying, Separators, Chillers, Electrical Buss Bar and Breaker Panels, Lift Trucks and More
Innovative Teeth Alignment Manufacturer Featuring HP 3D Printers, Flexlink Production Lines, 3D Scanners, R&D Lab, Inspection, Miscellaneous and Toolroom Machinery, Facility Support Assets and HQ Office – All Items in Like New Condition
Surplus Equipment from Fastener Manufacturer Including National High-Speed Cold Headers, National Bolt Makers, Thread Rollers, Induction Heaters, Kia CNC Lathes, Hardinge and Omni-Turn Lathes, Toolroom, Inspection and Misc. Machinery
Webcast Auction of Late Model Welding Robots and Support Equipment Including (6) OTC Welding Robots Like New Robovent Dust Collectors, Meeco Cantilever Rack, Welders, Strappers, Racks, Carts and Related


How do I register to bid online for an auction?

Online buyers can follow the "Bid Online" button located on the Auction's specific webpage. If you're not already a Bidspotter user then you must create a user profile with If you are already a user with then you must register for the individual auction so that you join the online bidder approval process.

How do I know if I am approved to bid online for an auction?

Once you register for the individual auction through CIA will be notified. CIA will contact you via email with the additional requirements needed to be an approved online bidder. Once you meet the additional requirements for an auction you will receive an email from stating your approval status.



This is when the auctioneer is selling more than one similar lot. High bidder has the option to pick and choose individual lots out of the lots being offered. Multiply the final price by the number of lots chosen.


This is when the auctioneer is selling more than one similar lot. The high bidder has the option to take as many lots as they want in order. Multiply the final bid price by the number of lots chosen.

Subject to bid confirmation

When an item has this designation, we will offer at the auction and receive a high bid for the item, we will take that high bid to the owner and they will have 24 to 48 hours to accept, reject or counter the offer.

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