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Our team also specializes in the liquidation, marketing, and sales of industrial assets across a variety of classes and sectors. The main advantage of a liquidation sale is it takes place over a longer time period than an auction. More time to conduct the sale means more time to market the assets, find a strategic buyer, and often results in a higher price. Sellers can review multiple offers and negotiate prices, taking the time to decide which one works for them. This is a great option if you have a few quality items to sell, want to find a specific buyer and have more time to conduct the sale. We work closely with you to customize solutions for your unique situation, needs, goals, budget and time frame.


CIA Industrial purchases entire plants including real estate, packages of equipment or just one machine. We also will make a cash offer, broker, consign to an auction or list your equipment on our website. From highly-specialized industrial equipment to entire facilities, we help you achieve maximum value and make the process smooth from start to finish.

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Our inventory provides customers with high-quality new and used equipment and supplies for all of their industrial business needs. We offer an expansive, well-organized catalog of industrial machinery, equipment, and real estate for sale or lease. Click below to view all of our current inventory of machinery and real estate.

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