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9:00 AM

Day Prior from 10:00 to 4:00 PM or by appointment with

Webcast Auction of Complete Aerospace Fastener Manufacturer, National Headers to 1”, Hot Forge Press, Thread Rollers, Pointers, Trimmers, Drawers, Modern Lab and Test Equipment, Toolroom, Air Compressors, Bridge Crane, Busway and Shop Equipment

Cold Headers

  • 1” National 1000 3-Die Progressive Header
  • ½” National 4-Die S-2 Bolt Maker (Built 1977)
  • ½” National 89 2-Die 3-Blow Cold Header (Built 1979)
  • (2) 5/16” National 56 2-Die 3-Blow Cold Headers (Both Built Late 70’s)
  • (2) 3/16” National 34 2-Die 3-Blow Cold Headers (Built 1984 and 1978)

Thread Rollers

  • 3” Landis Model LAN-HY-ROL 2-Die Cylindrical Thread Roller
  • ¾” Waterbury Farrel 50 Chain Feed Thread Roller
  • 5/8” EW Menn GW120H High Speed Thread Roller (Built 1993)
  • ½” Waterbury Farrel 30 Incline Thread Roller
  • (2) ½” Waterbury Farrel 10 Incline Automatic Thread Rollers
  • 3/8” Hartford 10-400 High Speed Thread Roller
  • 3/8” Waterbury Farrel 20 Horizontal Heavy Frame Hand Feed Thread Roller, Adjustable Pitman and Extended Die Pocket
  • 3/8” Waterbury Farrell 20 Incline Thread Roller
  • Seny 2-Die Cylindrical Thread Roller

Drawers, Pointer, Trimmer, Fillet Roll

  • ¾” and 3/8” Economy Automatic Bolt Pointers
  • ½” Waterbury Farrel Model 2 Bolt Trimmer
  • Hand Feed Fillet Roll
  • 4,000 Lb. Fastener Engineers PF-4000-08 Wire Uncoiler
  • (7) Wire Drawers by FE and RMG from ½” to ¼”

Hot Forge Press, Parts Washer and Misc. Machinery

  • 121 Ton Seyi Sutherland FCP-110 Gap Frame Hot Forge Press, Induction Heat, Sliding Table, Bottom KO, Spring Head
  • (3) Superior Induction Heaters to 30-KW
  • Mckenzie Chip Separator, Snow Tapper, Pearson 2-Roll Roller Sorter
  • Ransohoff Model Lean-Jet Washer
  • 60 Ton South Bend 60BG-AC OBI Press

Lab, Test and Inspection Equipment

  • 120,000 Lb. Tinius Olsen 600SL Tensile Tester (New 2021)
  • Keyence Model IM-7020 Image Measuring System (New 2019)
  • Magnaflux Model ANQ-485 Magnetic Particle Inspection Bench
  • Mitutoyo Smart HR-530 Hardness Tester (New 2022)
  • Optical Comparators, Microscopes, Plug, Pin, Thread Gages, Inspection Tools

Bridge Crane, Buss Duct, Air Compressors

  • 5-Ton x 50′ Approx. Span x 125′ Approx. Long Free-Standing Crane System (2013)
  • 300’ Approx. GE Spectra Series 1600-Amp Electric Buss Duct (2013)
  • 60-HP and 50-HP Gardner Denver Air Compressors
  • Modular Shop Offices

Toolroom and Support Equipment

  • M&N 1A-200 4-Post Hydraulic Hobbing Press
  • Mazak QT-15 and QT-8SP CNC Turning Centers
  • Complete Toolroom, Hardinge Lathes, Engine Lathes, Surface Grinders
  • EDM’s, Tool Grinders, Saws, Mills, Presses, Tooling and Accessories
  • Clark and Yale Forklifts
  • Genie GS-3246 Scissor Lift
  • Steel Tubs and Parts Bins
  • Shop Equipment
  • Late Model Very Clean Office Furniture and Equipment


Buyer’s Premium: 18% in effect for all purchases

Times Posted: All posted Auction start or ending times are local at the address for the Auction. For example, if the auction is in New York time is Eastern, Chicago time is Central, California time is Pacific.


Step 1: Register to bid via the “Bid Online” link above.

Step 2: You will receive an email from a representative at CIA Industrial (search @cia-industrial in your inbox or spam). We will send these forms out starting about 2 weeks prior to the Auction date every morning and evening.

Step 3: The email from the CIA Industrial rep will contain forms to fill out which can either be signed digitally via Sign Now or printed and scanned/faxed back.

If you are located inside the U.S. fill out the information on the forms that you have readily available, and documentation agreeing to the removal terms. If you don’t have some of the information, just put N/A and we will contact you if we decide we need more.

If you are located outside the U.S. or have NEGATIVE FEEDBACK on your profile you will need to provide a deposit. Information on how to make this deposit will be included in the email from the CIA Industrial rep. These deposits are refundable if no purchases are made at the Auction and will be returned within 48 hours.

Once we receive the returned forms or required deposit, we will approve you to bid.

CIA Industrial reserves the right to reject Bidders at their sole discretion.

Removal information will be posted approx. 2 weeks before each sale, please check back then. If you have any questions that need to be answered prior to that please call or email us.

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