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Leland Powell Fasteners


8:00 AM Local

8160 Highway 45 S
Martin, TN 38237

Day Prior From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM or By Appointment with

Large Fastener Manufacturing Plant Including (50) Headers by National, Sacma, Nakashimada and Asahi Okuma, Tubular Rivet Headers, Wire Drawers, Thread Rollers, Roll Sorters, Packaging, Forklifts, Toolroom, Air Compressors and Support Equipment

Cold Headers 2-Die 3-Blow

  • ½” Asahi Okuma Model ORH-120, Bushing Cutoff, PKO, RKO, Face of Die Stripper
  • 5/16” National Model 56C Convertible, Bushing Cutoff, PKO, Trim, Ace Monitor (1984)
  • (2) 5/16” National Model 56, Bushing Cutoff, PKO, Face of Die Stripper, Brankamp
  • 5/16” Nakashimada Model NP81, Bushing Cutoff, Ace Monitor, Wiper, Centrifuge
  • (4) 3/16” National Model 34, PKO, Face of Die, Bushing Cutoff

Cold Headers 2-Die 2-Blow

  • 3/8” Asahi Okuma Model AOT-10B, Bushing Cutoff
  • ¼” Asahi Okuma Model AOT6XL Long Stroke, Busing Cutoff, Face of Die Stripper
  • ¼” Sacma Model SP-22, Ace Monitor
  • 5/16” Asahi Okuma Model AOT-8B, Bushing Cutoff, Face of Die Stripper
  • 5/16” Nakashimada Model TH2-8A, Bushing Cutoff, PKO, IFO Transfer, Trimming, Ace Monitor

Cold Headers Various

  • (17) Sacma High-Speed DSSD Headers from 5/16” to 5/32”, Models SP21, SP11, SP01
  • (12) DSSD Cold Headers to ½” by National, Asahi, Nakashimada and Others, Some High Speed
  • (3) Progressive and (4) Tubular Rivet Headers by National and Sacma to 8MM

Thread Rollers and Misc. Fastener Equipment

  • (2) ¼” Roy Model 0 Flat Die Thread Rollers
  • 3/16” Hartford 0-400 Flat Die Thread Roller
  • 5/16” and 3/8” Warren Slotters
  • 200 Ton Clifton Hobbing Press

Wire Drawers

  • 9/16” RMG Model 910 Inline Wire Drawer
  • (3) 3/8” RMG Model 78 Inline Wire Drawers
  • (6) 5/16” RMG Model 56 Inline Wire Drawers
  • (5) ¼” RMG Model 45 Inline Wire Drawers

Forklifts, Air Compressors and Support Equipment

  • (7) Nissan 5,000 Lb. LPG Forklifts
  • Air Compressor Systems to 150-HP
  • Toolroom, Lathes, Mills, Grinders, Hone
  • Platform Scales, Maintenance Department, Racks, Tools

18% Buyer’s Premium for All Purchases

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