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Facility Closure Due to Footprint Realignment, the Assets of JunoPacific


8:00 AM Local

2840 Research Park Drive, Soquel (Santa Cruz), CA 95073

Day Prior From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM or By Appointment with

Medical Grade Plastic Injection Molding, Toolroom and Support Equipment, Injection Molders by Toshiba, Sodick and Arburg from 250 Ton to 50 Ton, Yushin Robots, Plastic Auxiliary Equipment, CNC’s and EDM’s, Toolroom Machinery, Air Compressors, Clean Rooms, Bridge Cranes and Support Equipment

Plastic Injection Molding Machines and Robots

  • Most of the newer molders have very low hours
  • (3) 253 Ton x 5.3 Oz. Toshiba Model EC250SX Plastic Injection Molders (New 2015 and 2017)
  • (2) 198 Ton x 5.11 Oz. Toshiba Model EC200SX Plastic Injection Molders (New 2019 and 2020)
  • (8) 110 Ton Toshiba Model EC110SX Plastic Injection Molders (New as 2020)
  • (5) 83 Ton Toshiba Model EC85 Plastic Injection Molders (New as 2018)
  • (5) 66 Ton Toshiba Model EC65 Plastic Injection Molders (New as 2013)
  • (2) 100 Ton Sodic GA100 Plastic Injection Molders (New 2013)
  • (5) Arburg Allrounder Plastic Molders from 55 Ton to 110 Ton
  • (7) Yushin YC and RC Parts Removal Robots (New as 2020)

Plastic Auxiliary Equipment

  • Advantage Model OACS-40D-MZC-3P Central Chiller (3/2021)
  • (30) Dri-Air HPD Series Material Dryers and Hoppers
  • (15) Other Various Size, Make and Model Material Dryers
  • (50) Temperature Controllers, Most by Advantage and Temptek
  • (25) Gammaflux Hot Runner Temp Controllers
  • 40 Ton Advantage OACS-40D-MZC-3P Central Chiller (New 2021)
  • TempTek Model CFD-15A-BL Central Chiller (10/2017)
  • (4) Various Advantage and Temptek Portable Chillers
  • Other Very Clean and Late Model Plastic Auxiliary Machinery

CNC and Toolroom Machinery

  • Sodick Model AM3L CNC Die Sinker EDM
  • (3) Ganesh VFM Series CNC Vertical Machining Centers
  • Haas Model CM-1 CNC VMC (New 2018)
  • Samsung Model SL15E CNC Turning Center (New 11/2018)
  • Polygim Diamond 200SB CNC Screw Machine
  • Very Clean Surface Grinders, Mills, Drills, Saws, Welders and Related
  • Mold Shop Equipment, Tables, Tools, Tooling and Machine Accessories

Facilities Equipment – Air Compressors, Cranes, Clean Rooms

  • (2) 30’ x 60’ Soft Side Clean Rooms by Technical Air Products (New 2017)
  • (6) Kaeser Air Compressors to 50-HP, Dryers and Tanks (New as 2019)
  • (2) Free-Standing Modular Crane Systems by Spanco and Gorbel (New as 2020)
  • (2) Gorbel Ceiling Hung Modular Crane Systems
  • (10) A-Frame Gantry Cranes to 2-Ton x 20’ Span (Some Like New)
  • ****Drawings Available for most cranes and clean rooms

Inspection, Shop, Support and Office Equipment

  • Dukane Ultrasonic Welders
  • Inspection and QC Equipment
  • Maintenance Department, Machinery, Parts, Tools
  • Extremely Clean Shop Equipment, Pallet Rack, Carts, Cabinets, Benches, Tools
  • Late Model Lightly Used Office Furniture, Cubicles, Conference Rooms


Buyer’s Premium: 18% in effect for all purchases

Times Posted: All posted Auction start or ending times are local at the address for the Auction. For example, if the auction is in New York time is Eastern, Chicago time is Central, California time is Pacific.

Bidder approval steps

Register to bid via the “Bid Online” link above.

You will receive an email from a representative at CIA Industrial (search @cia-industrial in your inbox or spam). We will send these forms out starting about 2 weeks prior to the Auction date every morning and evening.

The email from the CIA Industrial rep will contain forms to fill out which can either be signed digitally via Sign Now or printed and scanned/faxed back.

If you are located inside the U.S. fill out the information on the forms that you have readily available, and documentation agreeing to the removal terms. If you don’t have some of the information, just put N/A and we will contact you if we decide we need more.

If you are located outside the U.S. or have NEGATIVE FEEDBACK on your profile you will need to provide a deposit. Information on how to make this deposit will be included in the email from the CIA Industrial rep. These deposits are refundable if no purchases are made at the Auction and will be returned within 48 hours.

Once we receive the returned forms or required deposit, we will approve you to bid.

CIA Industrial reserves the right to reject Bidders at their sole discretion.


Will be available approximately 2 weeks prior to the scheduled auction date, check back then. If you need preliminary information feel free to contact us.

Payment Information

Accepted methods of payment for deposits and invoices

Terms & Conditions

All bidders and attendees must agree to these terms of sale

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